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I work with adults who are affected by adverse childhood experiences, to heal unresolved emotional wounds.

Symptoms of trauma include chronic anxiety, feeling stuck, aggressive behaviour.

I can help you to finally fix that, reclaim your life so that you can stop suffering.


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Time to change!

I can honestly say that my time with Marva has been the best investment I have ever done for me! Since the moment I spoke to her on the phone she has listened to every word I’ve said and has given me the tools to really discover who I am and what I want to achieve in my life and more importantly help me believe that its all possible and that I can! I never appreciated how important it was to have a strong understanding in my own values, Marva has given me the time and a platform to discover that for myself. My career I feel has flourished as a result of and I will forever be grateful to her time and commitment to me. My coaching with Marva also gave me the opportunity to talk thru the loss of losing my sister. Her approach to this was sensitive, insightful and professional. Thank you Marva for all you have done. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend you!

Sarah S. - London

...Sometimes when I think about giving up on having my own business and going back to an office job I remember her words. I remember what's at stake; freedom. The freedom to travel when I want, the freedom to earn as much as I want, the freedom to work on whatever I want. When I think of what's at stake...

Taf - Birmingham

My journey with Marva is an eye-opening time of self-discovery, so deep and revealing! She has helped me to identify many self-distractive habits and unmasked the origins of my inner responses to childhood experiences with her extensive toolkit of techniques. I especially like our 'time line ' work together! I am now facing my interactions from a more detached and empowered position!

Margaret P - London

A few months ago, I had the uncomfortable sensation of stagnation in all aspects of my life. My meeting with Marva took place at this crucial moment where I had to make important decisions, open up perspectives and mourn a past that still paralyzed me. I was then in a rather dark period where the different possibilities seemed to be unclear. Your help was invaluable in clarifying my goals and advancing consciously towards them.

Marie. A - France