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I work with adults who are affected by adverse childhood experiences, to heal unresolved emotional wounds.

Symptoms of trauma include chronic anxiety, feeling stuck, aggressive behaviour.

I can help you to finally fix that, reclaim your life so that you can stop suffering.


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Time to change!


I work with you to get your life back...in months, not years.


If you're stuck in a rut, in your career, relationship, struggling with re-occurring weight problems and unhelpful habits, you're most likely experiencing  some of the symptoms of adverse childhood experiences, childhood trauma. 


There are various causes and types of trauma and the toll it takes on your life and overall wellbeing is immeasurable. It can destroy your ability to focus, engage, and have any control of your life.


Left untreated, it can cast a permanent shadow over your whole life experiences. 


Over time, you will have developed strategies to protect yourself.  Those strategies vary from aggressive behaviour, withdrawal and self sabotage. 


As a child, whilst those strategies might have got you through those moments, they might be wholly inappropriate as an adult.  They might now be the root cause of frustrations in your personal and professional relationships.


Trauma might be showing up as anxiety and excessive worry that dominate and affect your ability to function effectively most days.  It erodes your confidence, limits your life experiences and self worth. 


You might be at the stage now where you're wonder if you'll ever find a long term solution.


In my role as your Therapeutic Coach, I work with you to understand the root cause of your unhappiness and ultimately enable you to reclaim your life.

We work through the problems together, guided my unique 5 Steps, Therapeutic Coaching System.  You're resourced with strategies, skills and tools to stabilise, ground, and intercept old patterns of destructive behaviour that are keeping you stuck. 

We then set about clearing the way for the deeper work of healing and self connection. Imagine feeling like you are coming home to your contented, joyous self.

The programme has been personally designed and created by me to enable you to have long lasting change.  And it is adaptable to the needs of the individual.

My experience of abandonment, as a child is the source of my drive and passion for enabling people to live free from the effects of adverse childhood experiences, childhood trauma.

I have extensive experience working both in the UK and internationally where I was an active part of the  Expat community.  I started and ran two successful businesses and have many years of experience as a teacher and trainer.  


My passions are my 4 children (2 birth and 2 step), as well as dancing, playing golf and my weakness is, without doubt, ice cream!🙂

All sessions are confidential, with clear guidance and focus.


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